1. Scott Minniear

    I’m the grandson of Lt. Genethan Harney, First Delaware “Blue Hens”. He fought with Gen Washington, and was in the rear guard that held off the British Marines in the Battle of Long Island, allowing the Continental Army time to cross the Hudson. Wounded and taken prisoner, later repatriated near the end of the war. There were Revolutionary soldiers on both sides of my family. One three star General and one two star. I finished dental school then entered the Air Force during the Reagan years. I took an oath to protect America from enemies foreign and domestic. I still honor that pledge.

  2. Bee Teixeira

    I am so thankful that we can come to this “site for truth” and get updates and articles to inform us of current situations and challenges. When I read all the evil and unconstitutional actions taken by this administration in 3 days I want to weep and “scream.” God is reminding me that nothing is taking Him by surprise. The dishonest naming us as “Trump Cultists” is quite sickening. “President Trump” and we conservatives must really scare them that they feel the desperate need to eliminate our voice. They should be celebrating their Biden win, but they are so consumed with hate that they seemingly are not able to be joyful. And, of course, they accuse us what they themselves are guilty of. Some of my friends believe that we are in the time of persecution and that we should just accept that this is God’s will. But we are called by our God to “expose evil” and even though He is the judge in the end, I believe that we are to fight for what is right. “They” are trying to undo everything that our “President Trump” did for our great country. And just an hour ago I read that “they” have reversed what Trump did for the “little ones.” So with our tax dollars they are going to fund abortions world wide. And I cried. So much for this long comment.

  3. Gretchen

    Lots of info in this one! A lot to think about and to sleep on! Thanks to you and yours for all you are doing to keep our minds and hearts on track! God bless you and keep you safe!

  4. Thank you for the update. This is as we expected because you mentioned it might. President Trump will be back,in my and hubby’s opinion. Soon we pray.
    Thank you and Karen for all you do.

  5. Kim Greiner

    This is a fantastic depiction of what I believe happened last week. Thank you for your documentation. You may want to also add that the military turned their backs on Biden at the Washington Mall on his way to the “fake” inauguration.

    This is so well done that I can actually share it with people who have not been researching like I have. My family think I am nuts when I say Joe is pretending to be President. My friends know I speak truth.

    Thank you, Rob, for doing this for fellow patriots who love America!

  6. Thank you Rob
    So happy to RE-connect with you again.
    I was apparently kicked off your FB page. One day I was connected, next day I was not.
    I cancelled my FB account on Jan 19,
    We do not have a TV in the house. We still do not have a TV….so as I result I was unaware of the Inauguration Day events.
    Truth for the Soul is my only computer connection that I will open and read.
    Thank you for all that you do and al that you have done. May God Bless you and keep you close to Him.
    Barbara Hargraves

    The TRUTH is like a Lion, it needs no defense, set it free and it will defend itself.
    St Augustine

  7. Barbara Haverin

    Thank you fir this article. It does appear the inauguration was prerecorded.. Charlie Ward said it was viewed 8 am Spain time and he sent it to many people even before it was aired, in the US, “live”. We cannot continue to be blackmailed. There will be bloodshed. If we crater you this blackmail why won’t they pull another one? What do they REALLY think, we think about their “diversion” “pretend RV bomb”, missle??

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