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Saints and Sojourners,

Within Judeo-Christian Biblical ethics, our family is the foundation of government. Spouses take responsibility for each other and their children. Ethical families bond with others of like ethics to create ethical communities. Godly communities are formed and governed from the bottom-up and not from the top-down. With that said, everybody can use a little help now and then. I hope these links will strengthen you, your family, and your community.

VA Disability

+ VA Disability Plan of Attack

Family & Community Disaster Planning


+ 100 Items to Disappear First

+ First Person survivor report from a city at war:   Sarajevo Security Collapse Summary

Crestview & North Okaloosa County Services

+ Homeless Ministry for Pastors

+ Crestview Area Shelter for the Homeless:  (850) 398 -5670;

+ Daily meals are available in Crestview: Contact 850-398-5670 for updated locations.

+ Waterfront Mission (Clothing, Sleeping Bags and Household Goods): 850-689-2700

+ Crestview Police Department (Non Emergency): 850-682-2055

+ Pastoral Counseling/Crosspoint Counseling Center: 850-279-4576

+ Pastoral Counseling/Children’s Services:

+ Seniors vs Crime, Inc.: 850-306-3176

+ Pattison Professional Counseling: 850-398-5255

+ Bridgeway Counseling Center:  850-689-7845

* If you have a known reference for good counseling, please contact me to discuss😊


Addiction Resources (Dates, Times & Locations Change Often)

+ Alcoholic Anonymous & Al-Anon (for family members):

+ Narcotics Anonymous:

+ Recovery Village, Drug & Alcohol Addiction Resources:


Pastoral Care & Counseling

1. There is a God, His name is Jesus and He loves you!

2. Keep your focus on things that are important -and- you can control.

3. Get your addictions under control…reach out for help (resources on this page).

4. Family are those who love -and- respect you. Choose your “family” wisely.

5. Blood relatives are not necessarily “family”. Keep people that make you crazy at a safe distance.

6. We were designed to be in community. If you are a Lone Ranger, you are doing it wrong.

7. Join a “family” that is living life the way you want to live. Seek out a small group or “house church” and then stay around long enough to earn their trust.

8. Find a job. Keep a job…any job. Prove to yourself you can show up on time and collect a paycheck.

9. If you can’t get or hold a job…Volunteer! Get out of the house. Be with people. Contribute to your community.

10. God’s mercy is new every morning. Pick yourself up; dust yourself off, and get back in the game.


Pastoral Care & Counseling Resources

+ Premarital & Marital Counseling Worksheet, PDF: Premarital Worksheet- 2021

+ The 5 Love Languages Explanations, PDF: 5 Love Languages

+ Funeral Information PDF: Funeral Information

+ Religion in Military Society; Published Air & Space Power, PDF: ASPJ Religion in Military Society

+ The Chaplain Corps-Moral Agency in Military Affairs, PDF: Chaplain Corps Moral Agency-MCA 2015



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