January 25th

Saints & Sojourners,

Prayers for our health are appreciated.

Our situation remains stable. We have an illegal civilian government pretending to govern, and a constitutional military government planning the removal of the insurgents. Note that these pretenders cannot make law. There is no evidence that any Executive Orders have been recorded or disseminated. There is much evidence that the US Military does not recognize the new administration.

1. PDF Article: Our Two Governments

2. Alt-Media Links:Alt-News Links Updated 25 January 2021

If we did due diligence and scanned a handful or two of the provided links, we have seen the following:

+ Europe remains in lockdown mode.

+ Our big Leftist cities continue to miraculously heal from COVID

+ Biden rescinds Trump order preventing the CCP from playing with our electric grid

+ In a total of 81 election fraud cases, (30 pending), ZERO judges allowed evidence to be introduced

+ A Democrat Senator met secretly with the Iranian foreign minister

+ Over 78,000 Facebook & Instagram users were removed for political violations

+ New domestic terrorism bill targets half the American population (guess which half)

+ Congress submits Bill HR1 to lock in all the cheating they did during 2020 elections

+ MeWe is on seek & destroy to deplatform anyone suggesting the election was rigged

+ WHO is now changing testing policies to combat false positives

+ Eric Holder is calling on the Democrats to pack the federal courts

+  3. The White House appears empty and the live streaming exterior camera has been turned off. Last night the lights went out on both the White House and Washington monument.


Stay in the Nosebleed Seats. God Wins 😊

Grace & Peace,

Chaplain Rob

Whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly  that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.  – John 3:21 


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