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🎯 Our DOD Rigged the 2020 Election 👉

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🎯 Vitamin D Level Above 55 ng/mL Cuts Infection Rate by 47%  👉

🎯 1 in 3 Suffered Neurological Side Effects 👉 1-3-covid-19-vaccine-recipients-suffered-neurological-side-effects


🎯 The Source of COVID Video 👉 The Source of Covid

🎯 Spike Protein Treatment Protocol 👉; 👉

🎯 Telemedicine Opportunity 👉  GlobaltekMD

🎯 Telemedicine Opportunity 👉

🎯 Telemedicine Opportunity  👉

🎯 Telemedicine Opportunity  👉

🎯 Q Link:   The mainstream media can’t seem to find it; Nobody is able to take it down;  The final leg of the tunnel enters into a DOD server. Such a surprise 😎 Wayback Machine LinkWayback Link. Alt Site

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1. The markets are skyrocketing because A. The Bad Guys want to trap us in the markets when they close the trap door with Central Bank Digital Currencies [CBDC], and B. Our US Dollar (USD) is being inflated away by massive money printing. What good is a 10% return when milk, bread and eggs cost 30% more?

2. Anything we bring in when they spring the CBDC trap will be monitored by the government to the very last penny. This includes Social Security and pensions. Everything in the system will be accessible by bank card that can be turned off at the will of the government. Anything NOT in the system (Gold-Silver-Bitcoin) will be used in an alternate economy. Gold and Silver can be used to buy Bitcoin and digital Bitcoin (on a card) will be accepted for trade… not available to the IRS.

3. Gold & Silver must be in bullion and BITCOIN in digital, not paper Exchange Traded Funds. If we can’t hold it in our hands we don’t have it. Bullion is approximately 0.997% pure. The most recognized and hard to counterfeit are American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs. Do not think in terms of an artificial “spot price” as it has been corrupted by paper derivatives and ETFs. Gold and Silver are worth what it costs to buy them. Anyone who quotes a spot price is years out of practice… or trying to steal from us. Also, Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin can be bought in fractions. We don’t need to buy an entire Bitcoin or Ounce. Get started!

4. Why Bitcoin? The entire world is going Digital. All Central Bank Digital Currencies [CBDCs] are centrally tracked and controlled. Almost all Central Banks are now owned by Rothschild. Rothschild tracks everybody through our purchases. The BRICS will destroy the US Dollar and Gold will destroy “The Fed” [our Central Bank]. Trump stated he would never allow a CBDC. If the USD is destroyed [and it is]; and we will not be going to a CBDC [and apparently we won’t]; and Gold will destroy The Fed [Rothschild]; Q: Is the only option left on the table a Gold-Backed Bitcoin for international trade to compete with the BRICS? We might have to convert Bitcoin to a BRICS-Dollar but they might have to convert a BRICS-Dollar to Bitcoin to trade with us. Any way we slice it, the answer appears to be Gold and Bitcoin.

Let’s do our own homework 💰

Gold & Silver







⚔️ Are we doing our own research? These links provide places to begin our journey.

⚔️ Be careful what we believe… opinions differ.

👉 “The Map”

👉 Reverse Image Lookup

👉 Power Outages

👉 New England Power Maps:

👉 Internet outages

👉 Solar System Modeling

👉 Sealed Indictments

👉 Fleet Tracker



👉 Q Research

👉 Internet Wayback Machine

👉 Intelligence Blog

👉 Illuminati

👉 Illuminati and Child Trafficking Networks

👉 Families of the Cabal

👉 Cabal Master Key

👉 Pilgrim Society

👉 Committee of 300

👉 American Media Empire

👉 Freemasonry

👉 Occult Holidays

👉 Occult World

👉 Occult Symbols

👉 China Files/Poso

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“Bring forth peace, unity, and return power to the people.”

“(We), the PEOPLE, have ALL the POWER.  (We) simply forgot how to PLAY.”


Special Instructions

🎯 Local Action = National Impact

Participate in oversight of our local elections and take back our local offices to include: City Council, County Commission, Sheriff, School Board, and Libraries. If [they] play games, replace them 👊💥🇺🇸

🎯 Policy forwarded (endorsed) by LTG Flynn: ‘Any orders or policies emanating from the Biden administration are illegitimate.’

Grace & Peace,

Chaplain Rob

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“Because the Lord revealed their plot to me, I knew it, for at that time he showed me what they were doing.” – Jeremiah 11:18

Whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly  that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.  – John 3:21 


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