The Inauguration that Wasn’t

Saints and Sojourners, this article is written for those that have been following the unfolding story of our world at war. Were we stunned to see Biden-Harris inaugurated after so much election fraud? We ask why our military could have allowed it and why Donald Trump walked away with a smile. In the past seven … [Read more…]

Our Two Governments

So, now the United States appears to have two governments; an illegitimate civil government and a constitutional military government. Link: Our Two Governments

Anatomy of a False Flag

The world as we see it is an illusion. Worse, much of what we see is a delusion; carefully weaved by evil people for evil purposes. On the 6th of January our nation‟s capital was “stormed‟ by Trump supporters…or was it? What you will see on these next few links are photos and videos of … [Read more…]

The Mainstream News – Pants on Fire

Did you know that 90% of all mainstream news outlets are controlled by the same 6 billionaire corporations? Did you know there are less than a handful of ‘wire’ services that will accept or reject local news, ensuring that local stories make it, or never make it to the mainstream? We think of Reuters and … [Read more…]

Its called a Coup

Many of us are experiencing emotions in the extreme. Half of Americans are thrilled that Joe Biden has been officially recognized as the next president of the United States, and half of Americans are convinced that the Democrat Party is stealing the election. Neither is true. In this brief letter I will attempt to explain … [Read more…]