A Tale of Quiet Journalism

Saints & Sojourners,

It has been said that there is a war between two narratives competing for our minds. Our standard narrative screams for our attention, driven by dozens of mainstream media (MSM) sources and controlled by a half-dozen corporate elite. An alternative narrative has also been competing for our attention; springing up from millions of individual social media accounts, crafted by thousands of independent researchers and authors.

The first narrative is that Donald J. Trump is “Orange Man Bad.” We read that Trump is a racist megalomaniac, bloated with power in which he enriches himself and his entire family; a power that he will never agree to give up without the military escorting him out of the White House. This is the collective and finely tuned narrative broadcast 24-7 from CNN, MSNBC, FOX, NPR, ABC, CBS, NBC, Politico, Daily Beast, Mediate, Salon, Slate, WaPo, and the New York Times. These are the bad guys.

The second narrative is that the Clintonistas and their Global Elite bedfellows are the bad folk. Hillary and an international cabal of Globalists rigged the 2016 election and she still lost…but her power brokers continue operating as a “Shadow Government.” Barack Obama, John Kerry and others continue to meet with international leaders to work against Trump administration policies. “Deep State” drones such as Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Podesta, Abedin, Jarret, Rice and a host of compromised judges, law enforcement and politicians have been attempting to unseat Trump by perverting the legal system, masking healthy people and burning down cities. This second narrative is broadcast 24-7 by Sara Carter, John Solomon, Catherine Herridge, James O’Keefe, The Federalist, One America News Network and a host of independent journalists. These are the good guys.

Should we allow the mainstream media (MSM) 24-7 “Orange Man Bad” broadcasts to completely overwhelm the few honest voices in journalism?


How about we arrest all the bad guys and be done with it… and then watch the Leftists burn our cities down?

Enter Q Team

As the bad guys direct their ‘Orange Man Bad’ narrative through bought and blackmailed MSM, the good guys responded with their own media team. In October of 2017 an intriguing message was received by a group of anonymous basement dwellers (“Anons”) on an internet message board. This was the first contact from a U.S. Military Intelligence group self-identifying as “Q.” Since then the Q-team has dropped 4,600+ “crumbs” of declassified intelligence, and thousands of Americans have answered the nation’s call as “Citizen Journalists/Keyboard Warriors.” Over this same time, hundreds of these crumbs have contained billion-to-one proofs that the Q operation is genuine and closely connected to the Oval Office.

Anons are independent patriots (domestic and foreign) that receive high-level declassified intelligence and use their own gifts, talents and skills to research the internet for accuracy and proofs. They alone decide what they publish on their own social media sites. Anons choose their own peer review networks and adhere to a self-determined and policed ethical code. They are academics with a love for our constitution. 

The only weapons the mainstream media has against thousands of independent journalists are lies and slander. Because of the mainstream media’s relentless ridicule of the Q movement, Anons often do not publicly acknowledge themselves or grant interviews; there is no “representative” of the movement. Anons let their posts do the talking and it is up to the reader to decide who is lying and who is telling the truth.

Is this tale of Q and the Anons true? You can decide.

Read widely!

We are at war.

Chaplain Rob



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  1. Jon Watson

    i am very thankful to you, and for the work you do. i, up until now, have not fully immersed myself into this information that is so very necessary to us all. But i have obtained enough to accept MY place in this war. i will spread to all who will listen, all known avenues to acquire what you have so selflessly made available. GOD bless you my friend.

  2. Thank you. I find this interesting. I used to get all of Praying Medics emails. But I get very few now. Then you show up with very similar thinks . God blessings and thanks.

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