Constitutional Crisis Letter to Elected Officials- September 9th 2020

Saints & Sojourners,

This is a letter to my elected officials regarding the attempt to overthrow our republic through insurgency. I encourage you to use it as you see fit as a template for your own campaign. The idea is to get every elected official on record…or refusing to get on record. Keep any responses in a folder that may be needed in the future. Let every one of our elected officials know that we know what is happening and that we will hold them accountable.

  1. Be respectful and do not threaten. We don’t have to educate them; they already know these things. We are using 5D Chess to maneuver them in taking positions on paper.
  2. If they will not put their position on paper, speak to them personally, and immediately hand-write a memo that is dated with statements put into quotation marks. Save it in your records.
  3. Use the Cc line to let them know others will know they have been asked the same questions. Add your local power-brokers to the Cc line such as clergy and fraternal organizations. Make sure they get copies.
  4. Do both: Attach a PDF of your letter to email and send the hard copy by post. Let them know in your e-mail that they will be receiving a “hard copy.” Then go into your “Sent Folder” and print/save the email. This will give you proof by date & time that they received it.
  5. This may take the better part of a day and some printer ink. Is our republic worth it?

By the Grace and Mercy of God,



Constitutional Crisis Letter -9 SEP 2020

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