The Conspiracy Theorist Speaks

The Conspiracy Theorist Speaks

The term “Conspiracy Theorist” was developed by the CIA as a means of dismissing critics of the Warren Commission’s report that President Kennedy was killed by Oswald. In short, by labeling someone a “Conspiracy Theorist,” we give ourselves permission to dismiss the person without having to examine the argument. The theorist may have a history of being a little off-kilter, or the argument may seem so fantastical that even respected people are dismissed out of hand.

For the past year and a half I have been making brief posts on Facebook everyday, comparing and contrasting the information we are receiving from the mainstream media and the results of my own research. Recently, several dear friends have had the courage to state or imply that I’m a “conspiracy theorist.” I greatly value these friends as I have had many more disappear into the shadows, apparently believing I am crazy as a loon. In truth, I believe few of my friends have actually looked at my arguments.

Few know I am published in peer-reviewed and professional journals. As an Ethicist, my job is to engage, document and dispute. In my experience, most mainstream reporters today are ‘hacks’ that parrot the same talking points, often line by line.

As we move forward, here again is an outline of my research and conclusions. Let’s watch together as the truth is revealed; in my opinion we will see arrests, prosecutions and convictions.

My statements based on my own research:

1. There are currently 175,786 sealed federal indictments that have already been before grand juries.
2. The world-wide Elite are engaged in child-trafficking for the purposes of sex, organ harvesting and Luciferian rituals.
3. We are at war with China (Insurgency not Invasion). This war has begun with a forward deployment of international Marxist organizations with the purpose of disrupting our cities and elections.
4. COVID-19 was created in a Chinese Communist Party laboratory and intentionally released on the world. It is a terror weapon; meaning it is not particularly lethal but is designed to provoke Fear…to interfere with voter participation in elections.
5. Mainstream Media (MSM) are controlled by only 6 billionaire entities. The MSM publishes what is told to publish and does not publish what it is told not to publish.
6. The MSM has been infiltrated by rogue intelligence assets.
7. 95% of the internet is filled with mainstream published disinformation. All of the MSM fact check sites are corrupt.
8. The Marxist/Communist Elite attempted to use infiltrated assets in our DOJ, FBI, State Department and intelligence agencies to guarantee the election of Hillary Clinton (aka, Coup).
9. These same infiltrated assets have attempted to unseat a duly elected president, Donald Trump (aka Coup).

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