Anatomy of a False Flag

The world as we see it is an illusion. Worse, much of what we see is a delusion; carefully weaved by evil people for evil purposes. On the 6th of January our nation‟s capital was “stormed‟ by Trump supporters…or was it? What you will see on these next few pages are photos and videos of … [Read more…]

The Mainstream News – Pants on Fire

Did you know that 90% of all mainstream news outlets are controlled by the same 6 billionaire corporations? Did you know there are less than a handful of ‘wire’ services that can accept or reject local news, ensuring that local stories make it, or never make it to the mainstream? We think of Reuters and … [Read more…]

Updated Alternate News Sites

Our free world is at war with the Chinese Communist Party and the Global Elite. They control ALL mainstream news outlets. If we still choose to get our worldview from CNN, FOX, MSLSD, NPR, ABC, CBS, NBC, WaPo, NY Times, Politico, Daily Beast, Salon, Mediate, Talking Points, etc…Shame on us!   Please do your own … [Read more…]

Its called a Coup

Many of us are experiencing emotions in the extreme. Half of Americans are thrilled that Joe Biden has been officially recognized as the next president of the United States, and half of Americans are convinced that the Democrat Party is stealing the election. Neither is true. In this brief letter I will attempt to explain … [Read more…]

Warming Up the Bullpen

Welcome to the war room on community ethics. My primary platform is Facebook: If for some reason my Facebook page goes down you may find me here. WWG1WGA +2

A Republic, if we can keep it.

  Benjamin Franklin was once asked, “Doctor, what have we got? A republic or a monarchy?”  Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.” A republic is a representative democracy. It is crafted from the family unit on up, covenanting with families of similar beliefs. These communities of families then elect representatives of character … [Read more…]