Four Years at War: Part II – August 15th, 2021

Our current focus on the American war is: 1. The Rigged 2020 Election 2. The January 6th “Insurrection” that Wasn‟t 3. The COVID Scare Operation 4. The World-Wide “Vaccination” Scam 5. The Extraordinary Military Build-Up in the Pacific Link:  Four Years at War- Part II – August Update

Four Years at War – Update

Four years of active Insurgency 🇨🇳 Where have we come from; where are we now; and where are we going? Article: Four Years at War-Update Note that my articles are in PDF format for downloading and sharing. Please do 😊


I am a retired USAF NCO/Officer with 230% VA Disability (100% after “VA Math”) and 100% SSDI, and I would like to offer a few pointers for receiving your earned VA Disability. The following information is a blend of experience and opinion. Some of the information may be dated. Do your homework. Article Link 👉 VA … [Read more…]

Dark Days

As the world has seen, the United States has entered into darkness. Those that have believed the lie are now receiving the consequences of their votes. As our friends in higher places have repeatedly told us, “You can’t tell them; you have to show them.” Article: Dark Days

Warning of Things to Come

Saints & Sojourners, Things will get better but I believe we will have to first move through frightening times. I am attaching a letter in PDF format. Share it with those who may have “an ear to hear.” Warning of Things to Come – 12 March 2021 Watch. Pray. By His Grace & Mercy, Chaplain … [Read more…]

The Inauguration that Wasn’t

Saints and Sojourners, this article is written for those that have been following the unfolding story of our world at war. Were we stunned to see Biden-Harris inaugurated after so much election fraud? We ask why our military could have allowed it and why Donald Trump walked away with a smile. In the past seven … [Read more…]

Our Two Governments

So, now the United States appears to have two governments; an illegitimate civil government and a constitutional military government. Link: Our Two Governments